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Cape Fear Rising: Music with an Uplifting Soul
Picture of the Cape Fear Rising Band

Introducing Cape Fear Rising, original vibe music hailing from the vibrant music scene of Wilmington, NC. Infusing their sound with the laid-back spirit of California and the soulful essence of the East Coast, this talented group of musicians is taking the music world by storm with their unique and captivating tunes.

At the core of Cape Fear Rising's enchanting melodies are the exceptional talents of Nate Lorenz, whose mesmerizing vocals lead listeners on a journey of emotions, and Landon McClellan, who adds layers of harmonious brilliance through his expert keyboard and synths, creating an ethereal atmosphere that transports audiences to a state of pure bliss.

Together, they form the heart and soul of the band, igniting the stage with their undeniable chemistry.

Coleman Daly's pulsating basslines and Hugh Mallard's rhythmic prowess on the drums create the band's irresistible groove, ensuring that every performance is a contagious dance party that keeps the crowd moving to the infectious beat.

And last but not least, the band's sonic journey is elevated by the sublime touch of Marc Siegel, who brings brilliance to the forefront with his masterful guitar skills. 

Drawing inspiration from iconic Cali Reggae bands Cape Fear Rising has crafted a signature sound that blends the sunny vibes of the West Coast with the rich musical heritage of Wilmington, producing a fresh and distinctive sound.

Since their formation, Cape Fear Rising has been captivating audiences across the country with their electrifying live performances and releasing soul-stirring original music. From beachside bars to festival stages, they have been spreading their positive energy, uplifting lyrics, and infectious melodies to music enthusiasts of all walks of life.

With a strong commitment to spreading love, unity, and the joy of music, Cape Fear Rising has become more than just a band; they are a musical movement that inspires positivity and fosters a sense of community among their fans.

So, join Cape Fear Rising on their musical journey as they continue to rise and shine, leaving a trail of pure happiness in their wake. Keep an eye out for their latest releases, catch their captivating live shows, and experience the magic of their music that connects hearts and souls wherever they go.

Photo By: Ash Black





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